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Alborz Investment Company was founded by the Khosrowshahi Brothers in the early seventies. It was formed from the consolidation and  synergy of over 15 private companies each founded by the Khosrowshahi Brothers. The family after many years of hard work created a diversified conglomerate with over 600 products in its ensemble of companies.
Under the leadership of the Khosrowshahi Management the company went public in 1974 and grew to over $190 Million USD until 1978 when it was illegally seized by the new regime.

By using all the resources and contacts of the previous management and the solid foundation they had built before illegally being ousted,  we have been able to make a number of investments in other companies. We have concentrated our resources on investing in companies such as pharmaceutical, hygienic, detergents, cleaning products, basic foods and distributions. As a result, our subsidiaries are able to offer customers the best of an array of products and services comparable to those offered by much larger holding companies and the responsiveness and customer focus typically associated with independent, community.

We have a management team with experience of these types of investments and have an investment committee comprising a number of our executive and non-executive directors.
As a publicly tradedcompany under the symbol "Alborz Investment Company", we're always interested in how our stock price is doing in the market. We know you are too. So we've provided direct links to the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) site to give you the latest quote.
Alborz Investment Company went public in 1974 and her shares are currently available in the Tehran Stocks Exchange Market (TSE) and the capital investment of the company is 440,000,000,000 Rials. The number of issued shares is 440,000,000

Alborz Investment Company's subsidiaries and affiliated companies are composed of five groups:

  • Pharmaceutical Group ( 5 Companies )
  • Chemical Group ( 3 Companies )
  • Food Stuff Group (6 Companies )
  • Distribution, Packing, Trading and Services ( 6 Companies )
  • Other Related Companies ( 4 Companies )